What We Do

What We Do

Our firm conviction is that to achieve our mission and vision over the next five years the focus needs to be on collaborative work that furthers the development of three key areas: People, Places and Knowledge.

The One Equine Trust is a Northern Ireland based Charity that:

  • Promotes and supports robust research across all areas of EAA and is working with Practitioners and academic bodies to encourage cohesive outcome measurements and data collection that can be used as evidence and in research for the expansion of EAA services in Northern Ireland. If you have a potential research project or you are interested in finding out more about current available research, please contact us via info@oneequine.org.
  • Links potential funders to funding initiatives with EAA to progress the provision of EAA in Northern Ireland. One Equine Trust will also submit applications for funding for its own projects in EAA where appropriate. If you are interested in funding EAA in Northern Ireland or in a particular region, please get in contact with us via info@oneequine.org.
  • Provides a forum for peer support, independent advice, and networking via its Practitioners Forum. If you are a Practitioner and do not currently have access to our Practitioners’ Network, please contact us via info@oneequine.org.
  • Connects potential end users of EAA with safe, accredited services in safe and approved venues. The One Equine Trust works with BHS approved equestrian venues, RDA Centre And private yards to connect them with Practitioners in EAA to expand the provision of services currently available. If you are a Practitioner who is struggling to find suitable equines or a suitable venue for practice or you are an equestrian venue seeking to expand your current offering please contact us at info@oneequine.org.

Partnership Working

The One Equine Trust has been supported by both charitable and private sector funders who have recognised the beneficial outcomes of EAL/T and these partnerships have allowed us to create models for effective partnership working. The Practitioners and equine establishments are key to delivering these models. To date they have delivered and collaborated with several statutory, community and voluntary bodies including but not limited to:

  • Children Looked After – Southern Health and Social Care Trust, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust.
  • Family Routes
  • Youth Justice NI
  • VSS
  • Healthy Living Centre
  • Inspire
  • Action Ability – supporting adults with learning difficulties Social workers – children and young people
  • Education Authority via Healthy Happy Minds programme
  • RDA
  • Veteran charities.