Deloitte Analysis of the Northern Ireland Equine Industry

The industry is extremely diverse. It was difficult to obtain accurate statistical information to adequately describe its impact.   However, it was heartening to note that the authors highlighted the importance and potential of Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning (EAT&L) as a growth sector of the overall industry. This is important to capture; it may be the first official study to properly recognize these activities.

However, One Equine would emphasis our view that the contribution of EAT&L to the well-being of many people in our society is already significant, but has the potential to be much greater, if appropriate recognition and support are established.

To see EAT&L embraced as a key theme in this study, with the potential for significant growth, is a great start.
In 2018 The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) commissioned a study into the value that the equine industry contributes to the local economy.  A report, was published in June 2019, a link to the report is below.

 The entire report is an interesting read, however the main references to EAT&L appear from page 51.